It's All About 'THE DECA'

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It’s All About The DECA will take the endurance athlete junkie to understand this EXTREME endurance race that receives very little publicity and embraced by those who have achieved this amazing test of human endeavor. In the multitude of checklists, toughest, most extreme endurance races and the world’s toughest endurance challenges; the DECA is the hidden gem most often overlooked because of the grass roots core group of athletes that live for this “extreme” event. 

There are no major sponsors and no media outlet in the world reports this race very different than the normal, everyday known race.

Fearless Exploration Through 1,406 Miles

  • Race History & Statistics, Course design
  • How To Guarantee and Finish and Guarantee a DNF
  • Training Plans both (Classic and 1x10) formats - Mental Training Tips
  • Injuries, crewing tips, checklists and budget
  • Actionable Ideas and getting into the head of 20 DECA veteran finishers
  • Race and Training Nutrition
  • Most Importantly - The DECA "Stories"


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