(June 2-3, 2018)

It's All About The DECA - Education, Training, Fun at the DECA Cabin in Pittsburgh, PA

Two packed, fun-filled days discussing everything you need to know about preparing for and finishing this most amazing race - The DECA Iron Triathlon.   If interested, come join DECA veteran Kale Poland and me for plenty of stories and the keys to understanding how to get yourself prepared for the DECA.  We will cover it all in a focussed and fun weekend.   House.jpg

  • Training discussions for both 1x10 and Classic DECA - you will have the tools to build your own plan including, which DECA is harder to finish discussion!
  • Topics covered: Developing a Mental Training Plan , crewing (and crew drama avoidance techniques), race nutrition, injuries & sickness issues, budget, race strategies
  • All meals covered and prepared by the one and only my Greek bride - Jan

Where to stay?

Here are the following low-cost hotels near the area where you can stay.

  1. Econo-Lodge
  2. Candlewood Suites
  3. Hampton Inn

Other option:

For those who want to camp/tent we do have room in our back yard if you want to stay on the property.      

This camp will be unique with a small group and will benefit any athlete who wants to FINISH THE DECA  

Complete the form to be on the list - 10 athletes only, no lotteries! Information and agenda emailed to the first 10 to sign up.

The camp is all about the athletes will be highly interactive with extensive Q&A sessions and not the typical camp of just sitting and listening to lectures.  All ego's will be left at the door and if you want to go beyond with this life changing race, come and join us in Pittsburgh, PA

There will plenty of FUN - including:

  • Daily training swims in the largest outdoor pool in the U.S, cycling and running (trails or roads) in the confines of North Park
  • Understanding what mistakes to avoid to ensure against the dreaded DNF 
  • Personal stories and learning lessons to use for your preparation 
  • Everyone receives a copy of "It's All About the DECA" softcopy book 
  • Free swag courtesy of CorioVelo
  • All materials and presentations will be provided to the athletes along with video clips to enhance learning experience after the camp - and of course Amazing FOOD!
  • Cost $150 per person

Payment breakdown:

$150/person + $5 paypal fee = $155 Total

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